Kärnten Radmarathon, Nockberge, Bad Kleinkirchheim, Kärnten
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Radclub Feld am See

Norbert Unterköfler
Ederweg 22
9544 Feld am See
Tel.: +43 699 14 14 51 04

The winners of the
7th ARBÖ Radmarathon

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Participation is open to cyclists born in 2000 or before, who have an un-motorised bicycle with no assistance mechanisms! Please note that helmets must be worn at all times!

Participants may only register if they have completed and sent a registration form online and confirmed with their signature that they have read, understood and accepted the Terms and Conditions for entry. He/she will only be included in the starting list after registration has taken place and the participation fee has arrived in the organiser's account without any charges for the organiser.

Entrance fee (date of payment):

06.07. -  31.07.2016: € 39,-- (max. 100 riders)

01.08. – 31.12.2017: € 49,-- (max. 200 riders)

01.01. – 31.03.2017: € 55,-- 

01.04. – 31.05.2017: € 59,-- 

01.06. – 16.06.2017: € 69,-- (End of the online registration at 23:59)

17.06.  - 18.06.: (bis 07:30): € 69,-- (Registration in the Race Office on location)

A deposit of € 10 for the chip must be made when the start numbers are issued. € 5 will be refunded upon return of the chip after participants have crossed the finishing line.

Discount for groups: 10 registrations + 1 bus driver free of charge 20 registrations + 2 drivers free 30 registrations + 3 drivers free

Starting gift!

The first 1000 sportsmen and sportswomen to collect their starting number at the race office in Bad Kleinkirchheim will receive a starting gift of a high quality! If one size has already run out, racing cyclists will not be entitled to receive their size and will have to select a size that is still in stock! Promotion valid while stocks last

The organiser is not liable for any incidents or accidents before, during or after the event. The participants themselves have to make sure to take out third-party insurance from an insurance company accredited in Austria.

The “ARBÖ Carinthia Cycle Marathon in Bad Kleinkirchheim” is a cyclingevent for all, which is aimed at sporty, ambitious amateur cyclists. As the courses will not be blocked for the marathon, road traffic regulations must be strictly observed. Use of the left hand lane is prohibited under any circumstances. This will be enforced by members of the road inspectorate as well as members of the organising agency. Instructions from the police and members of the organising agency must be obeyed in all cases! Undisciplined participants will be excluded from the result and disqualified. In the event of road traffic violations, the organiser is obliged to pass on personal details of the involved party to the authorities!

Under no circumstances are participants allowed to accept food or drinks from accompanying vehicles: this will lead to disqualification. There is sufficient food and drink available from several buffets. At the buffets, the food and drinks are distributed exclusively and solely to the participants and not at all to so-called “personal trainers”! Do not throw away any litter!No waste to be thrown away! (Disqualification offence!)

With my registration, I acknowledge the announcement and the organiser’s exclusion of liability for any kind of damages. I will neither assert claims against the organiser nor the sponsors of the race and their representatives for any kind of damages or injuries that might occur to me due to my participation in the competition. I declare that I have trained sufficiently to participate in this competition and that I am physically healthy. The medical staff are entitled to take me out of the competition in the event of threatening indications of damage to my health. I agree to the data provided in my registration being used. I hereby certify that the information I have given is correct. After having registered, I am not entitled to the reimbursement of the participation fee. Notice according to the Data Protection Act: Your data will be stored automatically!

I consent that the details that I have given in my registration, as well as the photos, films and interviews on the radio, on TV, in advertisements, books and photomechanical reproductions (films, video tapes, etc.) taken of me in the context of my participation may be used without any claims for remuneration on my part. I consent that my details may be used for advertising purposes.

The organiser is entitled to change or shorten the route in the event of bad weather or other events. The executive may also abort the event in the case of any perceived danger.

The organizer is allowed, in case of bad weather conditions or other influencing factors, to change or shorten the route. (Look at the alternative route!)
In worst case (danger for the participants) the apppropriate authorities can even cancel or stop the event.
If the event has to be cancel or stop the sportsman won’t have the right to get a sostitution of the entry fee.

A medical examination is strongly advised to all participants! All participants are once again asked to keep to the road traffic regulations. Upon registration, this is to be confirmed in writing again by every starting participant!